Goodbye Moldova! / La revedere Moldova!

Welcome back in USSR. After 25 years of independence from Soviet Union and after 16 years of president election by the Parliament, people had a chance to elect again directly his president.


Igor Dodon, pro-Russian candidate, won in the presidential elections in Moldova on 11/13/2016. After 7 years of pro-European direction, people of Moldova voted for a pro-Russia president with a rate of 52,27%.  It seems that more people want a better relation with Russia and a change of priorities in external  policies.


In the same time, Government authorities have been accused of bad organisation of the elections, especially that many citizen from abroad could not accomplish their voting rights, use of administrative resources and other violations.

As result, Moldova has now a pro-European government which was not able to convince the people of the need of European reforms and a pro-Russia president, with young people announcing protests due to defrauded elections.  In the end another period of uncertainty and instability comes in this small country at the edge of the European Union.


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