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Moldova the fifth in the world financial health ranking – the Banker

Moldova is the fifth in the world in terms of The Banker’s 2009 World Financial Health Index.

Moldova in economic crisis

The financial crisis has rocked the globe and fundamentally changed the way we assess what makes a country successful.
The financial crisis of 2008 turned the world on its head, and the way The Banker looks at risk has also been turned upside down. In this brave new world, the world’s most developed economies – and those most dependent on credit – have suddenly become the ones most exposed to potential disaster. To find out who is most at risk, The Banker crunched all the available data to measure the financial and economic health of 184 countries. Statistics that until recently were used as a measure of economic performance – such as levels of bank lending – are now main indicators of the risk of financial problems.

The results, based on 25 indicators of financial and economic health, are shocking. According to The Banker’s new financial risk model, Moldova, Chile, Bolivia and Peru are less likely to be affected by the current financial crisis than the US, UK or Japan.