The talents among us.

Individuality is the best concept. It is by far  the most successful concept for unknown future – and the future is unknown.

Everybody has their  individual strenghts, which are definitely  also determined by their genes. Each person has his or her invidual  strengths that are worthless if they aren’t discovered and turned into an exceptional achievement through hard work (practice, practice and more practice). It is also extremely important that we do everything in our power  to identify  strengths and motivate individuals to use them to the best of their ability. However, it must be clear that practice does not yield the same results with everybody.

We must pave the way for equal opportunity, so that eveybody can “practise”. Everybody has a gift, but the light of education is necessary to detect it. And that is society’s duty, as the targeted advancement of talents is necessary for the further developments of society. I maintain  that all children have a right to have their talents detected and to be given the opportunity to put them to use through hard work.

And this is exactly waht Europe’s strengths should be: our strength lies in human potential.

Univ. Prof. Markus Hengstschlager
The European business magazine – SUCCEED