The work environment for people, by Google

Laszlo Bock on how Google is changing the nature of work

We spend more time at work than we do anything else in our lifetime. What if we could improve the experience of work, even just a little, for everyone?

Bock offered a glimpse into Google’s own approach. Google starts with the belief that people are good and will do the right thing. From there, it’s easy to give employees freedom, access to information, and autonomy, which allows them to go out and create amazing things.

Cum statul Marea Britanie se asigură că fiecare își plătește taxele

UK Public Accounts Committee Hearing on taxation of multinational corporations

or Why multinationals do not pay corporation taxes?! Are they immoral?

Recording – UK Public Accounts Committee Hearing (12/11/2012) on Taxation of Multinational Corporations, witnesses:
Matt Brittin (CEO, Google UK),
Troy Alstead (Global CFO, Starbucks),
Andrew Cecil (Director Public Policy, Amazon).