Trafficking in human beings in EU


The trends in the statistical data for the period 2013-2014
– In total there were 15 846 ‘registered victims’ (both identified and presumed) of trafficking in the EU.
– Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is still the most widespread form (67 % of registered victims), followed by labour exploitation (21 % of registered victims). The
other 12% were registered as victims of trafficking for other forms of exploitation.
– Over three quarters of the registered victims were women (76 %).
– At least 15% of the registered victims were children.
65% of registered victims were EU citizens.
-The top five EU countries of citizenship for registered victims in 2013-2014 were Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Poland. These are the same countries as for the years 2010-2012.
-The top five non-EU countries of citizenship were Nigeria, China, Albania, Vietnam and Morocco.
6 324 people had formal contact with the police or the criminal justice system in connection with the crime of trafficking in human beings.
– In total, 4 079 prosecutions and 3 129 convictions for trafficking in human beings were reported in the EU.

Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings
Brussels, 19.5.2016

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