Россия готова дать Молдове кредит в $0,5 млрд./ Russia to give Moldova 500-million-dollar credit

Россия готова дать Молдове кредит в $0,5 млрд.
Первый транш может поступить в Молдову через 1,5-2 месяца. Россия готова предоставить Молдове государственный кредит в $0,5 млрд., заявил премьер министр РФ Владимир Путин, сообщают российские информагентства.
“Мы рассмотрели ваше обращение по поводу предоставления Молдове государственного кредита в объеме 0,5 млрд долларов. Считаем, что это возможно. Для этого нам нужно внести изменения в бюджет РФ, обратиться в парламент страны. Мы готовы это сделать”, – заявил Путин на встрече с действующим президентом Молдовы Владимиром Ворониным.

По словам Путина, “первый транш может поступить в Молдову через 1,5-2 месяца”, и его объем составит $150 млн.

“Мы доказали свою платежеспособность и ликвидировали очень большие долги, которые у нас были. Поэтому я гарантирую, что и с этим кредитом мы справимся”, – сказал Воронин. По его словам, этот кредит пойдет на реализацию инвестиционных программ.

Russia to give Moldova 500-million-dollar credit

Chisinau, 22 June /MOLDPRES/ – President Vladimir Voronin, on a working visit to Moscow, today met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The officials discussed diverse issues of the Moldovan-Russian cooperation in different fields, focusing on economic relations.

The sides agreed that Russia will provide Moldova with a credit of 500 million dollars. The Russian prime minister said that the first installment, worth 150 million dollars, will be transferred in the nearest time. Putin said that he would appeal to the Russian parliament to this end, and the Russian state budget will have to be amended.

President Vladimir Voronin said that the proceeds will be used to finance a string of investment projects, discussed within the Economic Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), held in Chisinau last week.

The credit confirms one again that the interstate relations are developing on a serious and long-term foundation, Vladimir Voronin said.

The head of state also said that, for years, Moldova has proved that it is a solvent state, and gave assurances that Moldova will cope with this credit as well.

At the beginning of the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that Moldova and Russia remain important economic partners. The Russian prime minister said that the previous economic problems, in particular Moldovan wine exports, have been overcome, but some issues, which require additional discussions, still need to be resolved. Vladimir Putin also described the Moldovan-Russian relations as very good and developing in an ascendant manner.

President Vladimir Voronin reiterated the Moldovan authorities’ gratitude towards Russia s leadership for the political support provided in the political situation which emerged after the 5 April election. The head of state praised the fact that Russia’s position has been repeatedly reconfirmed, including at the EU-Russia summit, held in Khabarovsk, which proves the lasting and unflinching character of the relations between the two countries.

Vladimir Voronin shared Putin’s opinion regarding the evolution of the Moldovan-Russia ties, specifying that Moldova enjoys full support and understanding on behalf of Russia in all the problems.

The president expressed confidence that the today s meeting will contribute to developing the Moldovan-Russian dialogue in diverse fields, and to deepening and extending the mutually advantageous bilateral relations.


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  1. Россия вообще молодец! и это хорошо! ведь молдова и россия – давние товариши!

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