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Foreign News Agencies about situation from Chisinau , Republic of Moldova.

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Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter, April 7, 2009

A crowd of more than 10,000 young Moldovans materialized seemingly out of nowhere on Tuesday to protest against Moldova’s Communist leadership, ransacking government buildings and clashing with the police.

Europe’s Next Revolution? April 8, 2009

The demonstrations in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau after last Sunday’s elections are not like Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” in 2004. Most obviously, they have been far from peaceful. Nor have they been provoked by incontrovertible evidence of massive voting fraud. The demonstrators just don’t like the governing party: Moldova is the only European country where a nominally “Communist” party has won largely free and fair elections, in 2001 and 2005.

Anti-communists attack Moldova parliament , 8april 2009

Anti-communists stormed Moldova’s parliament on Tuesday, hurling computers through windows and setting fire to furniture in a violent demonstration against what they claimed were fraudulent elections.
Police initially stood by but turned water cannons on protesters when they began hurling stones at officers.


Moldavie : les forces de l’ordre reprennent le contrôle des bâtiments officiels
8/04/2009 – 11.00 a.m.

Des dizaines de policiers antiémeutes ont repris, dans la nuit de mardi 7 à mercredi 8 avril, le contrôle de la présidence et du Parlement moldaves à Chisinau et se sont déployés autour. Ils avaient été mis à sac quelques heures plus tôt par des manifestants contestant la victoire du Parti communiste aux législatives de dimanche dernier. Une femme est morte et une centaine de personnes ont été blessées au cours de ces événements et des incendies ont fait rage pendant la soirée. Lire la suite l’article,  The Guardian , Tuesday 7 April 2009 16.24 BST

Anti-communist protesters storm Moldova parliament after election

Violent protests in Chisinau after ruling communists return to power in Moldova.Protesters in Moldova stormed the country’s parliament today, smashing windows and hurling tables and chairs out onto the street, in a violent protest against Sunday’s elections which saw the ruling communists returned to power. Anti-communist demonstrators poured into the building and heaped whatever they found onto the street. They set fire to paper, computers, and furniture.  At least 10,000 protesters gathered outside the parliament building in the capital, Chisinau. The young crowd carried EU, Moldovan and Romanian flags and shouted slogans including: “Down with communism!” “Freedom!” and “We want Europe!”,  April 7, 2009

Violent anti-communist protests after election in Moldova

The tiny republic of Moldova erupted in violence today as anti-communist demonstrators stormed the parliament in protest at what they said were rigged elections. Angry crowds smashed windows and threw furniture and computers from the building after overwhelming riot police in the capital Chisinau. Up to 20,000 people were said to be on the streets, many chanting “Freedom, freedom” and “Down with the communists”., The Wall Street Journal

The World’s Most Unhappy People APRIL 21, 2009

” The author’s year-long search for the world’s happiest place led him to the conclusion that Moldovans must be the most unhappy people. Without an “abiding faith or culture on which to rely,” Mr. Weiner wrote, Moldovans harbor a superstitious world-view that is “free-floating, anchored to nothing but the cloud of pessimism that hovers over this sad land.”  Landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldovans lack a solid sense of identity, pride of nation and hope for the future. That, along with grinding poverty, help explain why as many as one-quarter of all Moldovans live and work abroad, sending back the remittances that keep this country afloat. , Forbes, 04.21.09, 12:01 AM EDT

Moscow, Leave Moldova Alone

Morally speaking, Russian actions are in a class of their own. This time it’s Moldova.  And now Moldova, a wobbly post-Soviet entity landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, has once again become a pawn in Russia’s game. The Russkies have been kicking the territory around since the czars conquered it in 1812. For a while the czars called it Bessarabia. It became the Moldovian SSR under the Soviets. Chunks of the territory got traded back and forth to Romania and Ukraine. When the USSR collapsed, Russia lost control and direct geographical contact because the intervening territory of Ukraine became annoyingly independent too. So the Russians destabilized Moldova by inciting separatists to carve out the breakaway region of Transnistria–a precise mirror of Moscow’s strategy in Georgia’s Abkhaz and South Ossetian regions, and in many other ex-satellites. Moscow’s message? You break away from us, we break you apart.

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