No meeting Voronin / Smirnov on 17th December

PMR - Transnistria, Smirnov

PMR - Transnistria,

All received positive signals from Tiraspol,  meetings with Voronin/ Smirnov, some declarations of Russian politicians,  everything seemed to illuminate on  the conflict in Transnistria.

But,  it seems thats all the things stopped here,  a news from DECA-press say that Tiraspol reacted negatively to the proposal of Chisinau about a possible meeting on December 17th between the Moldovan president, Vladimir Voronin, and the leader from Tiraspol, Igor Smirnov.

What is the reason of that?

The “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of the separatist region, Vladimir Yastrebceak explained that on December 17th, the “Supreme Soviet” debate the law on 2009 budget, and “president Smirnov participates at the process of development of the budget”. Very nice. Financial crisis came also in Transnistria.
He’s very busy with the things that are more important than this meeting.

This frozen conflict needs efforts from both parts implicated, including support of the countries like USA, EU, Russia, Ukraine.
Otherwise it will take another 15 years or more of this situation.

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